The Creative Mind is a cross-departmental initiative at Brown University supporting innovation in the creative process. Part open archive, part university forum, the Creative Mind pursues new modes of teaching and learning.

Our work began with the desire to better understand creativity. From any viewpoint—scientific research, production in the arts, entrepreneurship, and beyond—creativity is a crucial ingredient for exploration, innovation, and growth.

Despite this, creative thinking remains slippery to define, and inherently complex; it can be an intuitive way to critically respond to the world around us, follow our curiosities, question our observations, frame and re-frame our problems, and more. We seek to investigate the creative process from multiple vantage points and apply our insights to learning, teaching, and research.

In opening up conversations from the classroom, studio, and laboratory, we hope to show that there is no single strategy for learning creative thinking. The Creative Mind does so by nurturing interdisciplinary courses, initiating open-ended research, and presenting lectures and conversations with creative experts.

We believe the unique character of the Brown community is our greatest asset for understanding creativity; by sharing it, we can develop shared resources to encourage and cultivate creativity in others.

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