Fahrenheit 212

Nithya George Sandra Steving Villegas talk about their would in Fahrenheit 212, an innovation strategy consultancy.

Fahrenheit 212 is known for their unique consulting approach, referred to as “Money & Magic”, which combines the analytical rigor of specialized consulting strategies with creative consumer-centric design. They partner with clients of all sizes, all industries and all geographies to solve growth challenges ranging from incremental innovation within an existing business, to big bets on breakthrough innovation. The firm helps grow client business by identifying, developing, designing and implementing profitable new products and services. Fahrenheit 212’s multi-disciplinary team is drawn from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Representing Fahrenheit 212 is Nithya George, their Engagement Manager and Sandra Steving Villegas, their Senior Innovation Consultant.

Nithya joined Fahrenheit 212 in 2007 with a desire to shift her financial background into a more strategic light. Prior to joining Fahrenheit 212, Nithya worked at UBS in the Consumer Products and Retail Investment Banking Group. Nithya has a talent for connecting consumer and commercial insights and translating these insights into strategies that drive growth for her clients. At Fahrenheit 212, Nithya works across industries and verticals – with a focus in retail banking, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceuticals. She holds a BS in Chemistry and Business from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from The Wharton School.

Sandra joined Fahrenheit 212 having reconciled her creative and rational sides through a multifaceted background spanning architecture, strategy and innovation. Following a start in architecture, she transitioned into Design Strategist roles at Raison Pure and Arnell Group. At Fahrenheit 212 she has supported transformational innovation projects for a variety of companies including Citibank, American Express, GE Capital, and Nestle. She holds an MBA from Oxford and a degree in Design and Architecture from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid.